Higher Battery Use After June Security Update (Moto G5s Plus)

I installed the recent security update on my Moto G5s Plus (a BYOD phone for my wife and I) just before we went on a trip. The update has not yet been applied to my wife's phone. My phone reports:

  • Android version 8.1.0
  • Version: OPSS28.65-36-11-4
  • Security Patch Level: June 1, 2019

My wife's phone is at the April 1 patch level. During the trip, my phone seemed to use battery at a considerably higher rate, and I'm suspicious that the security update has increased battery consumption considerably. I charge overnight, and in normal use my phone drops to between 65% and 75% battery over the course of the day. On this trip I was getting down to near 40%. I was using it somewhat more, but my wife's phone didn't drain nearly as much.

Has anyone else experienced power drain issues with the June 2019 security update?



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  • There are lots of reports like this lately and not just for your phone. It seems it may be the Google Play Services app that is the cause from some sources and an fix is on the way.

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