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Just an FYI, I gave a comment on the low-cost phone service you provide on a web site called Get Human.
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The issue in your own words
Trying to update my telephone number for my account. ... I attempted to update an inaccurate telephone number on my Capital One credit card. I tried a skype number, a google voice number, and finally, a Ting number which I purchased specifically to use with capital one as they would not accept my first two numbers. I cannot find this information anywhere online. To make it right I would like to update my telephone number on my account to my Ting number. I do not want to pay $**.** a month with At& T or $**.** with Verizion, *I have good credit, enjoy making purchases and always pay my bills at the end of the month.*As mentioned above I purchased a sim card and phone from Ting and wanted this to solve the problem at a quarter of the price and additional expense of obtaining a contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verzion.
How you fixed the problem
I spoke with Jen, a Capital one Representative, and she provided a solution today. I was able to use my low-cost phone service from Ting to add to my account. The Ting bill is less than a quarter of the cost of AT&T, Verison, and Sprint per month. I was informed that Skype numbers and Google Voice numbers would not be approved due to security concerns. I was not required to purchase an expensive contract phone plan from AT&T, Verison, or Sprint. The Capital One representative Jen, was very helpful and corrected my telephone number problem very quickly with a call verification. She stated they would add this information to their web site for future customers. Thank you Get Human !!!



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  • Thanks for sharing this Albert! I'm glad to see that Jen was able to give a hand and help you out. We really pride ourselves on our customer service so its great to see you had a positive experience with us. If you ever need a hand with anything else just let us know. We're all real people who really want to help!

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