Can’t find arbitration opt-out form

Your terms in section 1.2.13 “Dispute Resolution” claim there’s a form to opt-out of mandatory arbitration, and I clicked the link but it just links to the generic help center main page.
Please point me to the form.
Thank you in advance.



  • Hi,

     Thanks for reaching out to us. The opt-out arbitration form is emailed through our team for record-keeping. If you send them an email or give them a call they will have one sent out to your email address. 

     Note: there is a longer than usual wait time for a response from email and because this is a little more time-sensitive I might suggest giving us a call so that they can have the form sent to you right away.  


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  • Okay thank you.
    But for clarity and accuracy please contact the legal folks and ask them to remove the link from the terms that makes it seem like the form can be obtained via the link.
    Bravo Ting for allowing legal choices, especially those that ACTUALLY support US constitutional rights and Declaration of Independence/ rights “endowed by their Creator” to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and don’t just claim to do so while completely ignoring someone else’s constitutional rights, particularly to the first right, life. 😬💜

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  • This is an excerpt from the Terms of Service:

    Notwithstanding the above, YOU MAY CHOOSE TO PURSUE YOUR CLAIM IN COURT AND NOT BY ARBITRATION IF YOU OPT OUT OF THIS ARBITRATION AGREEMENT WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER YOUR FIRST DOWNLOAD OR USE OF TING’S SERVICES. You must opt out by this deadline for each service. You may opt out of this arbitration agreement by calling or completing the opt-out form available from us at Any opt-out received after this deadline will not be valid and you must pursue your claim in arbitration.


    After speaking to a customer service representative in order to get an opt-out form emailed to me, there is a serious omission which I need to put forth:

    I was asked to send a screenshot from my browser history to confirm "use of service" before being sent the opt-out form. "Use of service" was verbally described to me as looking at the website and upon further pressing it was obliquely described as the day that the Ting SIM and/or your account is created (since you might open an account but perhaps not order a SIM) and not when your account is activated (you may receive the SIM but not actually use it immediately).

    There is no specification in the Terms of Service for the consumer to be aware of this caveat and allows Ting to deny this option for those who do not keep browser history or mistake their "use of service" start date.

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  • Hi Linda,

     Thanks for the feedback. It is something that I can pass along to our legal team who would be the best to handle such a request. 

     I would like it to be known for anyone else who is reading this that the terms of the agreement do begin when you first interact with one of our agents or website. We feel that this is necessary given the amount of information we are providing. For example, checking coverage on our website - this is an interactive application that helps our users decide if they want to become paying customers. Ting carries the risk of providing accurate information, etc. and we'd like to have certainty about our relationship with anyone who uses that service.

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  • To All:

    I have received a response by another employee, Pariac, a supervisor, who has clarified this even further:

    "What this means is that utilizing the website to review our phones, SIM cards, rates, blogs, and any information that we provide on the website are included as part of the first use of Ting services....This means that any use of the Ting services, including review of the Ting website, not sign up, purchase or activation, counts as your first use of Ting services."

    This means that even looking at the site for ANY reason even without purchase or creating an account is considered by Ting as a "first use" service.

    BEWARE! You, the consumer, think this is an generous option––but this company still WANTS you to be locked into arbitration which is why this detail is omitted. If this option is important to you and you decide to try this company then protect yourself. I hope you read this in time. 

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