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Was thinking of switching to Ting, but do you get a random area code, or can you choose?



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  • The number (and area code) you're given when generating a new phone number on Ting is a "whatever is next available" from the carrier in that area based on your billing address.

    It's not a pick-and-choose, for the most part. If your area is served by more than one area code, we can tell the provider that it's your preference, but if there are no more serviceable numbers left in the area code you've chosen, you'll just be assigned the first available one in the next area code.

    For example, let's say you wanted a 916 area code in Sacramento, California. When we go to activate, if there is a chance that your address can be given a 916 area code, you can select that. But, when we actually go to activate, if there aren't any left, you'll automatically be assigned a 279 phone number, which overlaid 916 back in 2018.

    The only way to guarantee the area code you want is by porting a number from another carrier where you already have it, assuming the phone number passes our eligibility at

    If you want a specific number, you can buy a vanity number online and hope that it passes the above test to bring it into Ting. You can typically check before you buy the number.


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