How do I make phone calls? Just migrated from Freedompop

Hi!  I believe I'm supposed to use my native dialer to make calls and text (instead of the Freedompop app), but I get this message: "Your account is not authorised to make calls to this phone number."

I did a PRL update and the
"Dial ##72786#" to reset my phone to factory network settings.

Not sure what I should do next.



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  • Hi Raymond,

    We suggest removing any Freedom Pop apps if you have not yet and using either the stock dialer or a 3rd party application like the Hangouts dialer app.

    If the ##72786# update is completing without error your device should be connected to the network and show signal, are you able to access cellular data? If yes its quite likely the issue is the dialer app specifically, if not there could be other issues. If you're not able to complete that update try running a profile update, that option should be in Settings > System updates.

    I'll reach out in an email to make sure I have all of your account info correct and to verify the device information with you just in case we do need to troubleshoot further.

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