LG Rumor I get a "no content" msg when receiving text with emojis or pictures

My phone cannot receive msg with emojis or pics. Any ideas how to fix?






  • Hey Paul, 

    I took a quick cursory glance into your account. Without getting too much into the weeds (which I can do if you'd like, though through email rather than here on a public forum), I can say that things like pictures and emojis require a mobile data connection. Photos and other MMS messages can't travel over the talk-and-text network, and if there's anything preventing your phone from having a mobile data connection (including an older Sprint phone that is subject to the OMA list: https://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2019/02/sprint-to-end-3g-device-support-across.html

    Any device on that list can no longer receive updates, which means if it ever loses a data connection, it cannot be reprogrammed to receive one, and usually will only work for talk and text. 

    I'm happy to follow up with you on account-specific details via email, if you'd like, to discuss your options. Let me know!

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  • Not sure if I have this problem....could not find if my device (Moto 5G) on the link you mentioned......

    I can't receive texted images....photos, etc. They show as a download and never down load!!

    Is this a settings problem??

    Thank you;

    Tom Kammer

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  • Hi Thomas,

     Your phone isn't part of that list so it would probably be a settings issue on the phone that is causing the picture messages to not come through. I'm going to link you to our guide that goes through some troubleshooting steps to get you back up and running here. This usually fixes the issue but if it doesn't let me know and I can do some more investigating for you. 

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