I'm being charged for in calls that arent mine

I recently changed my servie to Ting. I'm now being charged for incall form persons unknown calling a Richard the previous owner of this number. The help desk ask me what they could do refund for the call or what. I told him change my number to an unknown number and he hung up on me. This would actualy be a great service if I wasn't being charge for some one else calls. I have over 30 incalls from person unknown. If you could disable incalls and keep texting and leave it so I could call out incase of emergency that would be great



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  • Hi Robin,

     Thanks for reaching out here on the forums. I can do some investigating into that call you had with one of our representatives to give them some feedback but I would need to know when the call was placed as I don't see an open ticket that would have been created by the call. 

     As for the phone calls, you can actually turn off the calling feature directly from your Ting My Account. The instructions for that are as follows:

    -Log into your Ting My Account

    -Select the Device Settings tab on the left-hand side

    -Find the number you wish to turn off calling in the Active Device section and select the edit icon on the right-hand side

    -Scroll down until you see the Minutes section and once again select the edit icon on the right hand

    -A window will pop up and you will be able to select the different features that you want to enable or disable, locate the section that says "Can make/receive calls" and turn this off. 

    -save and then restart your phone

    If you would like to change the number instead though I can also look into this for you. Just let me know here and then I can send an email to you since there would be some information that we would want to keep private and not be put on this open message board. 

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