No service after phone died. Can I try a carrier reset?

My phone died from low battery and upon recharging and starting, I had no service. I've tried everything except carrier reset because "If a carrier reset, profile, or PRL update are performed on an already active phone on the list it will be unable to activate and will need to be replaced" and so I'm worried to proceed with this. I've had a help ticket with no response for three or so days. It's fairly obnoxious as being completely without phone/data service in a 21st century developed country is highly detrimental.


So, can I do a carrier reset without worrying about replacing my phone because of it? And what are my next steps if that doesn't work?



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  • Hey Tina, 

    If you're talking about the OMA-slot devices, there's nothing that can be done if they lose service. The servers that these phones relied on to activate have been completely retired and are offline.

    We can hardware swap the line to another device that isn't on the OMA-slot list, and once it activates it'll have your number on it and service will be restored. The device that lost service will never activate on Sprint ever again.

    As to your ticket, I'll grab it now and follow up. We've not been our super responsive selves lately. We're working on getting back to it, but 10 times normal volume is something to behold when it's in front of you.

    To clarify, though ONLY the devices that are on this list are affected. If you have other Ting devices on CDMA they will be able to do profile updates and carrier resets. 

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