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I see that calling in Ireland is free. What is the difference between International calling in Ireland and roaming in Ireland which is .30/minute when phoning?



  • There's two different concepts at play here. International Long Distance (ILD) and International Roaming (IR)

    International Long Distance is just that -- it's when you make a phone call from one country calling code out to another. ILD from the US to Ireland is free, as you mentioned.

    International Roaming is when you're making a phone call and not standing on US soil.

    If you're in the US with your Ting phone making calls, you're not using IR. You're using ILD.

    If you're in Ireland with your Ting phone making calls, then you're using International Roaming. You're connecting to towers that don't belong to Ting, but to an Irish company who charges us a premium to use their towers. IR is not free, and is what's subject to the $0.30/min charge you mentioned. 

    You can use a combination of ILD and IR when you're in Ireland. ILD IR calls (that is, calling an Irish number from your Ting phone while in Ireland) will be subject to IR surcharges, but will not have ILD fees because those are still coming back to us to connect. Calls back to the United States from your Ting phone will not be subject to ILD, but will still have IR charges, as you're again not on US soil.

    If your phone supports WiFi Calling, you can avoid both ILD and IR by using a WiFi Calling trick we laid out on our blog a few months ago.  I successfully used this trick while I was in Paris this past spring. While ILD calls to France are included at no charge, had I not been connected to WiFi Calling, my calls would have faced an IR charge of $0.30/min.D

    Does that make sense? If I need to explain or expand on something, please let me know.

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  • Great to know that in WIFI you pay no Roaming, very useful for that in Europe now. But I passed 3 months and my account has not activated Int'l Roaming. Request but..... nothing

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