Honeywell Instant Alert System - how do I set it up with Ting?

My school/job uses the Honeywell instant alert system and I'm trying to update my phone numbers. I did a text test but neither of the phones that we use with Ting got the text.

I inputted our numbers and also tried 862202xxxx@Ting.ext

Do I need to add the 1 in front of the area code or use a different extension next to the Ting?



  • Hi Tatiana,

    The format used would depend on if your Ting phone number is GSM or CDMA, here is how that looks: 

    CDMA network - <10-digit MDN>, so for example:

    GSM network - <10-digit MDN>, so for example:

    That should help get you set up but please do get in touch with support if there is any trouble.

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  • Thank you, Christian! That worked perfectly.

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