Cellular data no longer working: says I am "not subscribed"

I suddenly cannot get cellular data anymore when I am out and about (and no longer connected to internet).  I will keep trying and then recelive a message I'm not a network subscriber.  Why is this happening?  My bill is all paid up and I've been on Ting for years,





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  • Hi Diane,

    If cellular data is on from your Ting account in device settings you should be able to connect wherever there is CDMA data coverage. If there was any kind of issue with billing etc we definitely would have emailed to let you know but there is the possibility you have a usage cap set up on the account which if triggered would disable data.

    Assuming its on I'd suggest trying to reconnect to the network and you can do that by dialing a code on your device while connected to Wi-Fi: 

    1. Tap the Phone and pull up the Keypad.
    2. Dial ##25327# 
    3. Tap the green call button.
    4. When the Reset subscriber settings message appears, tap Dismiss.
    5. Once the Waiting for activation message appears, tap Dismiss.
    6. If the activation is successful, an iPhone has been activated message will appear, tap Dismiss.

    If that doesn't get you connected there may be some tower issues in the area, I'll follow up on your help request so we can check any specific addresses if you're still unable to connect.

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