My Experience So Far

I wanted to stop sending money to Florida because that state is telling citizens what dolls they can own, so I discontinued service with Tracfone. I've heard that Tucows supports liberty, so I thought Ting would be better than Tracfone. But I had to buy their sim card, and now I can't find a cheap unlocked phone.

I noticed in Ting's promotional emails that they are giving 1888-PHONE-NUMBER-HERE as their number, which is clearly a mistake. We all use placeholders sometimes. I pointed out the error, but they continue to send out the promotional emails with a wrong phone number.

I see Ting's home page and emails are linking to so-called "social media" websites, including at least two that contain an overwhelming amount of hate and bigotry. They censor love and support hate, yet Ting is giving them free PageRank.

I see Ting is using Disqus for comments. Disqus is well known to be favored by hate websites because they refuse to do anything about calls for violence and death threats.

So I feel like I was wrong to think doing business with Ting would be supporting liberty or that TIng even has a clue about anything. I'm out $5 for a sim card. If you want it, let me know, and I'll send the thing to you.



  • Hi Ron,

     Thanks for letting us know about that phone number. I'll reach out to our marketing department and let them know. 

     I hope you do find a company that you are comfortable doing business with and that you have a great rest of the day. 

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  • hahaha

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  • Thank you, R. Bryce Wong. When social media websites become a haven for hate while they censor the opposition and everything positive or good for those people, they are in fact hate websites. If you link to those websites, you're supporting the hate that dominates on them. I'm sorry that you don't seem to care about that fact, but I'm not going to support a business that supports hate, so I'll be leaving you with quite a bad taste in my mouth.


    George Murphy, is something funny to you or what?

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  • Putting links to social media sites is a meme, a behavior that has spread and become popular. But why do it? Why give your PageRank to social media websites just because everyone else does it? If you want to have links to social media, I'd put them on a separate page to keep from losing too much PageRank. But maybe I'm wrong. I doubt it, but maybe my understanding of PageRank is obsolete. Regardless, I personally wouldn't link to websites that discriminate against people and are dominated by hate and bigotry. And since I don't think you're hearing me, I'm going to do more about this issue. Have a nice day.

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  • One more thing. I spent yesterday morning reporting hundreds of calls for violence and death threats on YouTube even though it's not my job to police the website, but they do hardly anything about the hate. They allow that to go on. Do you want to support that? DO YOU SUPPORT AN ENDLESS STREAM OF CALLS FOR VIOLENCE AND DEATH THREATS AGAINST VULNERABLE INDIVIDUALS? Because I'm getting tired of that shit. Have a nice day.

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