Unlocking for other carrier or other country

I will be traveling overseas soon, and wanted to be able to try either a different carrier OR a local SIM card (which I guess would also be a different carrier).

Are different types of unlocking needed for each of these options? And how do I tell if my phone is locked or not? YouTube videos suggest I should be able to search for networks, but the menu item isn't popping up.

I bought the phone from Ting, and I keep running across statements that you don't lock your phones--could it have been locked by Sprint before I bought it?




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  • Hi Melissa,

     Phones bought from Ting are not locked but if you have a CDMA phone (phone on the Sprint network) and are traveling overseas you would need to get the international SIM unlocked for it. The international SIM unlocking allows the phone to use the other network and a different SIM card since CDMA is really only available in the United States and Japan and it is a different technology. We have a guide that talks about this that I'm going to link you to here. You would need to reach out to our customer support to get the international SIM unlocking done on your phone if you are on the CDMA network. If you are on GSM you shouldn't have any issue with just popping a new SIM card into the phone while you abroad. 

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