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Virgilio P.: Please click here to sign in to your online account with your username and password.
You: Don't have Sprint acct. Using Ting MVNO on Sprint network
Virgilio P.: Oh thank you so much for clarifying
Virgilio P.: If that is the case I will go ahead and research the details for you right now
You: Thank you - others have said they are able to connect to Sprint Magic Box with Tng R850 hotspot
Virgilio P.: Thank you for waiting.
Virgilio P.: I was able to check the details of the magic box here on my end
Virgilio P.: Upon checking here the Sprint magic box only boost a data coverage
Virgilio P.: Its like a signal booster so you cannot connect a hotspot on the magic box because it can only make the internet faster .
You: I thought the magic box was for data only (hotspot) not voice?
Virgilio P.: Yes you're correct it is for data . Data booster ,improves data coverage and increases average download and upload speeds by more than 200%
Virgilio P.: But its not a hotspot device . It is only a booster .
You: I understand - I am using a R850 hotspot on the Sprint network and am looking for a Magic Box booster. My initial question was "Can I use a Magic Box with a TING MVNO -??
Virgilio P.: Yes you can use the magic box on your device to boost the internet connection .when you're on Sprint network .
You: OK - Even if it is through an MVNO (Ting) on the Sprint Network, and not an account with Sprint?
Virgilio P.: Yes you're correct as long as you have Sprint network on that device .
You: OK THanks!



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  • Mike, 

    The difference is that you CAN use them. They're basically Sprint network extenders. If your Ting device can connect to the Sprint network, it should be able to connect to the Magic Box. 

    However, we cannot activate new Magic Boxes on Ting. The ones your Ting device will connect to will have to already be active on a postpaid Sprint account.

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