Dual sim to keep both numbers?

Hi, I'm using two phones, both have Ting SIM cards. The new android phone is dual sim, and I'd like to keep the first sim card from the phone with my old number. Can I use both Ting SIM cards in the new phone, but only get calls from one number? Can I setup some type of call forwarding, etc.? Thank you.



  • This depends on the dual SIM technology built into the phone. Some allow you to do what you ask, the other won't.

    The least-expensive implementation is called Dual SIM Single Standby or DSSS. Phones with this will accept two SIM card, but can only use one at a time. The other SIM card is effectively inaccessible while the SIM you've chosen is active. This requires manually switching between the two SIMs. 

    The second implementation, and the most common right now in less-expensive Android phones is called Dual SIM Dual Active, or DSDA. Without getting too into the weeds, both SIM cards are read at the same and what you use for which service is determined in the service menus. But, when one SIM card is active, the other can still receive calls and texts to the phone.

    The final standard is Dual SIM Dual Standby, or DSDS.  Both SIMs stay in standby mode until one is used, at which point the other SIM can't otherwise be used. This is probably what you want for your phone, as you wouldn't be using the second SIM for phone calls at all, anyway.

    There's a pretty nice breakdown of the difference here: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/simple-questions-what-dual-sim-and-how-does-it-work

    In my experience, it's difficult to find a dual SIM phone that works with our GSM network that ALSO supports LTE Band 12 for phone calls and text messages over VoLTE. If your dual SIM phone doesn't support VoLTE on GSM, you might have an issue with calls and texts.


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  • I put both Ting SIM cards in the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus. The first came from an iPhone 7 Plus. The shop on AliExpress had these listed for networks... 


    • Cellular: GSM
    • Cellular: WCDMA
    • Cellular: LTE
    • Unlock Phones: Yes
    • 2G: Bands: GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz
    • 3G: Bands: UMTS 2100 / 900 MHz
    • 4G: Bands:FD-LTE 1800(band 3) / 2600(band 7) / 800(band 20)
    • 4G (2): 4G (doesn't support Indian bands)

    I don't want to lose the iPhone (303) number. I got a new local number (682) that I want to phase in.  I'm not sure what to do. I have 2 SIM cards showing up in the settings. They are both available for the Ting Network. Can I have calls to 303 routed to 682, or maybe through a 3rd party service?  I think I'm asking if I can get calls to/from both numbers. A dialog box said I can choose every time whether to call from 303 or 682, but I'm not sure where to look about receiving calls to both.  


    Thank you so much. Sorry for the scattershot.

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  • You could enable call forwarding from your account to route the calls from one number to the other if you're only able to receive calls from one at a time.

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