Move Ting Number To Different Phone Previously On Ting Account

Removed iphone SE from Ting account a few months ago. When it was on my account it had its own Ting SIM card. Tried to add it back onto the account but got "This SIM card is not compatible with Ting"...even though it is a Ting SIM card. 

Ultimately, I wish to move my phone number to the iphone SE that I am trying to put onto my account. When I try to put MY Ting SIM (not same as above SIM) in, it says "This SIM is already in use with Ting" and to go to my account. 




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  • Hey Susan, 

    I think I know what's going on here, and it's a bit of a combination of things. 

    First, GSM SIM cards are a little different than CDMA SIM cards. GSM SIM cards are one-time-use (though can be moved between phones) whereas CDMA SIM cards are reusable any number of times on multiple phone numbers. 

    When you removed the SE from your Ting account, it sounds like it had a GSM SIM card in it. When you removed that line, that SIM card that was in the phone became effectively useless. That's why on our shop page for our GSM SIM cards it says "Please note our GSM sim card is a one and done scenario, if you decide to change your number, you will need to purchase a new one."

    So the SIM card that was in the phone back when it was on Ting isn't good for activating on Ting a second time. That's why it's not compatible anymore.

    However, if you're trying to move your TIng number from one phone to another, the GSM SIM card can be moved from one phone to another without needing to go through the activation process. If your number is on GSM, you can just take the GSM SIM card out of the old phone and put it right into the new phone (including the SE) and it'll just pick up right where it left off with your phone number.

    Our CDMA network is a little different, in that the SIM cards are reusable across phones and are model-specific.

    If you're not sure which network you're on, just let me know and I can follow up privately with an email, as we try not to make a point of discussing account specifics in public.

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