Setting up a Phone from Overseas

Hello! I'm currently in the Philippines and will be returning to the US in about a month and a half. I've been working overseas for over a year so I previously had my domestic phone cancelled before I went abroad. However, now that I'm returning to the states I'd like to set-up a domestic number again, and do so before I go back so I can have a slightly easier time looking for a job. I have been thinking about switching to Ting since I typically have low data usage anyway.

I imagine the trickiest part is getting a SIM. Not sure if I were able to find an unregistered SIM here if I could contact Ting to have it set up with you, or if I can only use SIM cards purchased through the Ting Store (which doesn't seem to have international shipping available).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



  • Hey John, 

    I think we'd be a pretty good fit for keeping a US phone number for you here and abroad, with one caveat. 

    There's a 3-month cooling off period for brand new Ting accounts being able to use international roaming. Think of it as a few bad apples spoiling the bunch.

    During that 3 month period, your SIM card will only work on US networks or through WiFi calling. If your phone DOES support WiFI calling, this three-month period is a moot point:

    In terms of getting a SIM card, you can have us ship to someone here in the States and forward it to you, or you can see if Amazon will ship a SIM to you: -- You're absolutely correct that the Ting shop doesn't currently have a way to ship internationally. It makes sense, though, as our services are designed to be used nearly exclusively in the US.

    If your phone supports our CDMA network, all the same applies above, but you'd need to get the correct SIM from this article. You can bypass most of the leg-work by running your IMEI through and seeing what SIM card it suggests you buy. If it's anything other than the GSM X1, your phone is CDMA compatible.

    Should you need any additional help on this, please just reach back out to us here!

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  • Thanks for all the info. I had no intention of using international roaming while I was here and just using wifi. So the 3 month period shouldn't be a concern.

    Even considering that I wouldn't be using data while, I still need to get a SIM to setup a phone number with Ting, right?

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  • Yes, you would need the SIM yes as it would need to be activated from your Ting account in order to assign a phone number.

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