Galaxy S9+ Not Compatible?

So I put the new TING SIM card in and the S9+ automatically downloaded the carrier info (Sprint).  Then I went on the Ting website and entered the IMEI and SIM Card number.  Got right to the last page and hit confirm but sadly, I get a "SIM card is not compatible with this device" response.  The phone shows all the correct SIM card status (Sprint, in-service, CDMA, etc.); how it cannot be compatible?  



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  • Hey Mark,

    Sadly not every Sprint/Ting SIM on CDMA can work with each model of phone, we have a Finding your SIM guide to help determine which SIM you need.

    I'll reach out via the email on your Ting account to help confirm if the SIM is the correct model and send out a replacement if needed so please do keep an eye out there.

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