Sierra AirCard 803S is no longer supported

I discovered that the Sierra AirCard 803S can no longer be activated on the Sprint network, nor on any service provider that uses the Sprint network. I was using one on FreedomPop, but when it was ported to Ting, it stopped working and never got beyond the "Powering up" screen when it was turned on. Even after I deactivated that hotspot on my Ting account, it still does not get beyond the "Powering up" screen. Out of curiosity, I logged on to the Sprint web site to see if the hotspot could be activated. I was prompted to enter the MEID and then the ICCID, after which there appeared a message that the ICCID is not compatible with the MEID. I thought that might have something to do with it being set up for use on FreedomPop, so I bought another AirCard 803S, with a Sprint logo on it, on eBay for $10. When I turn that hotspot on, it gets past the "Powering up" screen and finds a 3G signal with a  strength of five bars. Encouraged by that, I went to the Sprint web site to see if it can be activated. After entering the MEID and the ICCID, I again got a message that the ICCID is not compatible with the MEID. I opened a chat window, said I wanted to activate the hotspot, and was informed that this hotspot is no longer compatible with the Sprint network and cannot be activated. I was then invited to check out their new compatible hotspots, which start at around $240. Apparently, Sprint prefers to render perfectly good 3G/4G LTE hotspots obsolete so they can sell new expensive hotspots. That explains why so many AirCard 803S hotspots are listed for cheap on eBay. 




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