Can't access voicemail CDMA
When I try to access my voice mail I get an error code of Message 1 switch 694. Then the system disconnects the call.


  • Hey Oren, 

    Do you have a Motorola by chance?

    Newer Motorola phones are (for some strange reason) pre-programmed to work with Verizon voicemail instead of Sprint. But it's easily fixable:

    1 - From the Home screen select Phone

    2 - Select Menu via the 3 dots in the top right corner

    3 - Select Settings

    4 - Select Calls

    5 - Select Voicemail

    6 - Select Setup

    7 - Select Voicemail Number

    8 - Erase *86 and enter your Ting phone number active on that device (10 digits - no spaces,dashes etc) in the Voicemail Number field 


    Once that's in place, you should be able to dial the voicemail shortcut. If that doesn't work, let me know and we can troubleshoot further. 

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  • This worked for my Moto 7 Play.   Thanks

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