Unsupported combination of network and device

I am swapping the number from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to pixel 3A and I am seeing this message "Unsupported combination of network and device".  I had my service transferred from Freedompop earlier.  Please help



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  • That message is one of two things: 

    1. You don't have a compatible Pixel 3A SIM card. Unfortunately you can't just reuse the one in your Samsung Galaxy S5, as Sprint is very picky about which SIM cards go with which devices. You need the SIMOLW516TQ, or what we call the C10. You can pick one up from a local Sprint store or from our shop. 

    2. If you have the right SIM and are still getting that error message, this might be something we inherited from how FreedomPop managed their Sprint lines and can only be fixed by our support team. You can reach them at help@ting.com or at 855-TING-FTW, and they'll be able to swap your Pixel 3a over pretty quickly.

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