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I currently have unlocked iPhone 6plus with a cdma SIM card for ting, will I be able to use the same SIM card on a new unlocked iPhone 11or Do I need to purchase a new SIM card.  Will it be compatiable with Verizon? Will my number port over to the new phone.

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  • Hi Marcia,

     If you are on the CDMA network you will need a new SIM card for iPhone 11. It will use the C10 SIM. If you purchase an unlocked (some times called the carrier free) version of the phone it is built for multiple networks so you will have an option to switch it to a different network in the future. 

     You can keep your number from one phone to the next, you'll just need to follow this guide here and you'll be able to transfer your number over from the old phone to the new one. You can also always reach out to one of our live customer support representatives when you're ready to activate the phone and we would be glad to help too. 

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