Disappointed with Ting/Fedex delivery options

I'm a long-time customer and just ordered a new phone today (thursday) through the Ting website.   Unfortunately, I really need this phone asap -- It is very likely that I will have to travel from NH to MD due to a death in the familty, and my current phone is bricked.   When I looked at the delivery options, I was amazed that there was no Next Day delivery available.   I even called Ting's customer service to be sure.  The best they could do was 2 business days.  The rep I spoke to said that it was "possible" that my phone could arrive saturday, but she couldn't guarantee it.

I just got a notification with a tracking number indicating Monday delivery.  (Which causes a new set of problems, as I probably won't be home on Monday - or potentially several days after - to sign for the phone.)

I find it amazing (and disappointing) that in today's online shopping environment, Ting does not offer 1 day shipping.

I would urge Ting to offer 1 day shipping -- I can't imagine I'm the only one who has ever needed a phone "right now".


Jim C



  • Unfortunately, today's online shopping environment has spoiled us into believing Amazon's same-day or next-day delivery is standard on the internet. It's still not and they're only able to offer it because of their massive size and strategically-placed warehouses. As much as we'd like to be, we're not that big yet.

    We ship out of one warehouse in Mississippi, and rather than calculate the cost to everyone for each shipping service, we set one flat rate. This forces us to  sacrifice options like next-day shipping, which comes with its own set of problems (the least of which is that once the box leaves our warehouse, it's on FedEx to make good on OUR promise of next-day delivery and they face no real penalty for failure to deliver). That's why the agent you spoke to couldn't guarantee that box will arrive faster.

    If you absolutely, 100% need a phone "right now", I wouldn't recommend buying from our shop. Full stop. Buying locally is always quicker, and barring that you can order unlocked phones from Amazon that they CAN fulfill with their same-day or next-day shipping promise.

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  • Hi! Thanks for the reply. You make valid points. Buying an unlocked phone on Amazon is what started the whole set of events the ended with me needing a phone "right now".
    I trust your phones much more than I trust a supposedly unlocked phone from some random Amazon seller. Lesson learned.

    (But I still would have liked a next day option... :) )

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