iPhone 11 sim card

should i wait till i receive my new c10 sim card, which i ordered today , to register the new imei number, and port the number for my new iPhone 11. the apple store was able to transfer all my info using my Iphone 6+ sim card.  the new phone is working with the iPhone 6+ sim card.  

please advise, thank you



  • Hi Marcia,

    It depends on which network you are using as on GSM you can simply move over the SIM and on CDMA some SIM cards do work with different models.

    For your specific situation If you did want to move to CDMA from GSM you could do that once your SIM arrives by following our guide on activating a device using an existing Ting number.

    You can also use your GSM SIM for now and hang on to the CDMA SIM for switching to down the line, I'd just suggest checking that you have Ting CDMA coverage where you need it before switching.

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  • Hi Ting, did you mean to say "on CDMA some SIM cards don't work with different models" ??

    I have kind of the reverse situation from Marcia. I am looking at buying an unlocked/carrier-free iPhone XR from Apple to replace my worn-out i6.

    Right now I am using my Ting CDMA SIM in the i6. This works even though (as far as I can tell) my phone is a North American GSM model (MG4X2LL/A).

    I have two questions.

    Can I use the same SIM in a new XR? (I want to keep the same number.)

    Conversely: Can I use iphone XR on Ting's GSM network, or does it have to run on CDMA?

    I am not thrilled with the voice call quality I am getting now on Ting CDMA, and wondering if GSM will be better (I think it was better when I was using a GSM service on the i6 before I switched to Ting).

    Thanks for any advice!


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  • Hey Thomas,

    On CDMA there are several different models of SIM cards and a phone will require the specific SIM it is compatible with in order to activate.

    With the iPhone XR it would require a Ting Nano SIM C10 and since that is not a SIM that is compatible with the iPhone 6 so you will need a new SIM.

    As far as GSM you could reach out to support for help confirming if it is compatible but if you are getting the SIM Free model it should be.

    For the activation once you do have your SIM you can follow our guide on activating a device with an existing Ting number.

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  • QQ: Will the my GSM SIM X1 card work on the new iPhone 11? 


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  • Hi Alex,

     If you are going from a GSM phone to GSM phone you can just move your SIM card over. The iPhone 11 is a multinetwork device so moving your SIM over will be the way to do it.  

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