Proper Ting Settings Needed for Melrose S9 w/Android/v7.0
Hello everyone named the morning Ting team. I have to say this site is very well developed common easy to navigate and I think I have almost figured out my issue. Hopefully you all can help with your knowledge combined. I purchased a Ting GSM SIM card, registered and activated it successfully. However, using this in the Melrose S9 is challenging. I'm more than happy to give you any of the device info. I hope with this being an Android device, the solution will be known. Last, I am able to connect to my local Wi-Fi obtain an IPV4 and 6 address as well as browse the internet.


  • Meant to say hello everyone and good morning Ting team****

    Ben ********** 

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  • Hi Ben,

     I edited out your last post there since it had private information that anyone could see on this public forum. 

     For setting up your phone you should be able to follow this guide that we have for Android phones on GSM here. It will walk you through how to set up your APN's to configure the phone so that it properly connects to the network. If you run into any trouble while looking at the guide feel free to reach out to our support team by phone, email or online chat so that we can give a hand. We may need some account-specific information if this guide doesn't work and would need to do that in private. 

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