How To Cancel Before 20 Gigs/$20 Dollars Expires December & Changes To $10/Gig

I'm planning on cancelling my account before data plan switches to Tings normal pricing.

Can I schedule a date for the cancellation, or does cancellation go into effect immediately?

The 20 Gigs for $20 expires in December, correct?

I've been getting a monthly bill on the 19th of the month, and then auto-billed on the 25.

Do I wait for the monthly bill to cancel then before being auto-billed on the 25Th?



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  • Hey Scott,

    While we do not have a feature in place where you can schedule a cancellation in advance you are free to cancel anytime either by contacting support or expiring/porting out all of your active lines. Since we are a post-paid carrier you would then just pay one final bill for that last cycle during which your service was active.

    There has not been a decision made as to what will happen with these promotional plans but rest assured you will be notified via your account email. If you do eventually cancel/port out I would suggest doing so 1-2 days before your cycle ends to get the most out of the $20 and ensure service is transferred elsewhere or expired before your next billing cycle begins.

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