WiFi Calling on iCloud Connected Devices

Hi: There are 2 "flavors" of WI-Fi calling on iCloud devices. One, is under Settings>Phone, and only allows nearby devices connected to the same WiFi. The other is a switch that appears under Settings>Phone>WiFi Calling AFTER you turn on/enable WiFi calling. It is the same as the option mentioned above under Settings>Phone, EXCEPT you can then receive/make calls from connected WiFi devices even if you are NOT nearby or on the same WiFi. Sprint supports this (I have used it) and Apple documentation "thinks" that Ting supports it. Does Ting? Will this additional "Enable WiFi Calling for Connected iCloud Devices" option appear under WiFi calling after I turn WiFi calling on?



  • P.S. If so, CDMA, GSM, or both? (Native Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile both support it).

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  • I activated a CDMA iPhone here just so I could make sure I gave you a complete answer. iCloud calling is an option we mirror on BOTH networks right now (new network TBD) and I can confirm it works if enabled.

    I enabled the "Add Wi-Fi Calling for Other Devices" that specifically mentions your phone not being nearby on my iPhone 8 on Ting GSM and my iPhone SE on Ting CDMA. See screenshots below.

    Depending on your network, you might be required to enable WiFi Calling to get the Other Devices option. It's definitely part of the flow of enabling it on CDMA.

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