Old Sprint phone upgrades my son's Ting

My husband gave his old Sprint Galaxy J7 Perx phone to our son to replace his old Ting Alcatel A10.

We put the Ting SID card from the Alcatel into the Perx, and it can make phone calls, but there are some weird problems in service.

He can't receive MMS text messages.

When we try to put the SID card numbers into the Ting activator, it doesn't recognize as CDMA. 

What are we missing here?



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  • Hi Annie,

     There could be a couple of things that are affecting the picture messaging from not working so we would need to do some troubleshooting on the phone and your account to get to the bottom of it. For that, you would need to contact our customer support outside of a public space like the forums here since we'll need some private information. If you could reach out to one of our support agents by phone, email or online chat we would be happy to investigate the issue for you. Our contact information can be found here.

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