PinePhone work on Ting?

The PinePhone just went on early release. Very early version. Im curious if I'll be able to use it on Ting? I ordered one anyway to play with but I'd like to get a SIM and use it on Ting

It takes a micro-SIM and supports the following bands.

Worldwide, Global LTE bands

LTE-FDD: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B7/ B8/ B12/ B13/ B18/ B19/ B20/ B25/ B26/ B28

LTE-TDD: B38/ B39/ B40/ B41

WCDMA: B1/ B2/ B4/ B5/ B6/ B8/ B19

GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz


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  • I'm interested in this as well.  Units won't be shipping for at least a month yet, but I'd like to have some idea if Ting would be a compatible carrier.

    If it helps anyone looking into the matter, the cellular unit in use is a Quectel EG25-G  according to the following post



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  • It looks like it has band 2,4, and 12 which corresponds to the bands we use on our GSM network so it will be good to go there. The SIM you'd need for it is the X1.

    It is worth noting that we are going to be moving away from our GSM network at the end of 2020 so while it works now it's something to be mindful in the future.

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  • Great news. Thanks for the response and the amazing transparency about the future plan to move away from GSM at the end of 2020.

    I look forward to trying one out on the network when they ship.

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  • Thank you for the information.  I wasn't aware of the T-Mobile  to Verizon transition until I read your response, I've read comments that the Quectel EG-25G is also Verizon approved (but that was just a comment on a forum), so there may be long-term hope.

    Non-ios or android phones are more of a niche or novelty thing (hipster phone?), but "we are a determined fringe element that can not be counted upon to do the sensible thing"  (a line from WKRP that has stuck with me for about 4 decades).

    If Verizon devices will be supported, this at least opens up the possibility that I may eventually be able to transition my current phone (a Verizon Kyocera Duraforce Pro).



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