Sprint ending cdma

Any word on hotspot deals like the 30gb R850 after the recent merger with Tmobile and time frame as to when cdma will be shut down?



  • There are a few things I think need to be cleared up here.

    Sprint's CDMA shutdown refers to the sunsetting of the 3G CDMA network, NOT the LTE network they have now. Sprint has not made any announcements about when they plan on retiring their 3G CDMA network. The only step they've made is to restrict the ability for customers and MVNOs like us to activate 3G-only devices.

    The network itself is still up and running, and devices that are 4G/3G compatible can still use the network like normal. Nothing has changed on that front. 

    As to T-Mobile and Sprint merging, the merger is not yet complete. There's still a lot of things that need to be settled before the two companies become one, and even thereafter, the new company will need to determine how long it wants to keep the Sprint 3G network (which is still very strong and provides coverage to rural communities, especially) alive. No timeline has been set on that yet either, as the merger is not yet complete.

    As to, the R850 itself, it's 4G LTE only, and does not have 3G radios. It would not be affected by the 3G CDMA shutdown, even when it does eventually happen.

    And finally as to the deals, that's the big Ting-specific part of your question. We can't plan for something that hasn't happened yet, which is why we don't have an end date for the R850 promo. However, we recently re-upped on our agreement with Sprint for our pricing, and we expect that the new company will be bound by the terms we signed with then-Sprint. 

    If at any point any of this is slated to change that affects you directly, we will be in touch via the email address on your account.

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  • Thanks for the info!

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