transfer of old number to new phone bought thru ting and assign new number to old phone


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  • Hi Stephanie,

     Thanks for reaching out. The process of activating a new phone with a number that is currently on Ting is fairly straight forward. We have a guide that I am going to link you to here that will walk you through that process. Activating the old phone with a new number has a couple more steps to it but it is also fairly straight forward as well. You may need a new SIM card for activating if you are on the GSM network but if you are on the CDMA network you can use the same one (to find out what network your phone is on check the Device Settings page of your Ting My Account). After that, you can follow the new number activation process here. You would need to activate the new phone first before you activate the old phone with a new number so that you don't lose the number you have.

    If at any point you run into any issues feel free to give our live customer support team a call and they would be more than happy to lend a hand.

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