MMS Just Stops Sending or Receiving

I want to know what is going on. I am using a Moto G4 Play, Textra, Ting, and Sprint. I have been sending and receiving MMS texts using WiFi for nine months now with NO PROBLEMS. This week, my phone, and my Wife's newer Moto phone refuse to send MMS over WiFi. Nine months ago I had decided that if I have to pay for DATA to use my phone it would be time to dump Ting. I hate the thought of doing that.

Jason at Textra explained that Android was implementing RCS and changed everything. But, we took the option to stay with Textra v3.5 to keep texting over WiFi. So why is it that now I can no longer send MMS over WiFi? Is it Google? Is it Ting? Is it Sprint? Even T-Mobile on my Wife's phone is giving us fits. Are all these companies mad at me for saving money each month by not buying their overpriced DATA?

The frustration of not being able to receive communication from everyone else sending me MMS texts, and not being able to text a "VFC" contact card to a friends phone number is really starting to anger me.

Is is time to dump Android and try an iPhone? Or do I just give in to the extortion and pay $30 to $40 each month to use my Android phone?

It would help a little to know why MMS over WiFi is no longer an option ...




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