Moving Sim Card to new phone, but same model

My Nexus 6 has been having issues, and I was considering replacing it. 

If I buy a refurbished unlocked Nexus 6, and put my sim card in it, are there any additional steps I'll need to take? Or will my service continue uninterrupted, with the same number, like normal? 

Thank you for taking the time to help me.



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  • Hi Andy,

    We're here to help and you're very welcome! To get started you'll want to make sure you get a version compatible with our Sprint/CDMA network and you will also need to reassign the phone number to the new MEID once you have the new Nexus 6 device:

    Make sure to note your SIM number (ICCID) as it will need to be entered during the activation and once the number is assigned to the new MEID you can activate that phone by following these steps: 

    Carrier reset

    1. Open the dialer.
    2. Dial *#*#72786#*#*
    3. The phone will restart and begin configuring the network connections. 

    The carrier reset should automatically take care of the activation for voice, text messaging and data, as well as an update to the PRL (preferred roaming list) and firmware—if applicable. If dialing the code above does not appear to work, please move on to the manual steps below.

     Profile update

    1. Tap the Application icon.
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap More...
    4. Tap Mobile networks or Cellular networks.
    5. Tap Carrier settings.
    6. Tap Update profile or Update device config.
    7. Once the update is complete, tap Ok.
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