BYOD lists wrong model and sim not recognized

Wanting to switch from Verizon, bringing samsung galaxy s6 edge plus, entered imei obtained from settings within phone on ting byod checker: I got the message below. Note: it doesn't mention the s6 (my model is sm-g928v per settings).

Great news!
Your phone is compatible with Ting.

If your Galaxy S5 (A3LSMG900V),Note 4 (A3LSMN910V) is unlocked you can bring it to Ting today! It will support the following services on our GSM network.

I went ahead and followed the steps to order a sim by selecting the CORRECT model of phone and ordered the recommended Ting nano sim c6. When i enter the iccid from settings after inserting the sim card, i get an error "Please enter a valid GSM SIM card number." 

Side note: Per verizon's site, they auto-unlock phones and this phone is well beyond that time period

My question is: Do I just need a different Ting sim card? 


PS i've missed ting's transparency and look forward to returning



  • Hi Casey,

    It sounds like your S6 Edge plus will only work with Ting on the GSM side of things so you will need a GSM SIM. I'll reach out via email to help confirm and get you one ASAP.

    As far as the models not matching its mostly cosmetic, regardless of what is displayed the unique MEID/IMEI will still be linked to a specific SIM (or SIMs if CDMA) that would be required for activation. 

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  • Thanks for the quick response! Email response sent

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