Upgraded one of our phones but pics are not showing up in text message
I swapped my wife's phone out to a newer model and passed her older phone to my granddaughter and now that phone ( a Moto x4 ) can not send or receive pictures in text messages.... All settings on our account online is properly set so there must be a setting on the device that needs upgraded.... And the mobile data is on so it's something else .


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  • Hi Robert,

     Sorry to hear that the phone isn't getting picture messages. If everything is set on the account side then it is probably a setting on the phone. When you activated the X4 with the new number did you do a carrier reset at the same time? If you didn't you may want to try this first with these steps:

    -open the phone app like you're going to make a call

    -dial # # 7 2 7 8 6#

    -select yes

    -the phone should restart 


    If it still doesn't work after that you can try the profile update which can be found in Settings-> System Update -> Update Profile. You'll just need to tap Ok when complete. Let me know if either of those help!

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