Ting for Home Broadband over ±4G?


My AT&T DSL just stopped working. I *so* dread the thought of dealing with AT&T to (try to) get it fixed, and I just don't have the time (or desire) to have cable installed. Can Ting help? Any thoughts on a ±4G modem with a twisted pair LAN output (so I can directly replace my DSL modem and use my current LAN/WiFi router)? Does Ting have any special plans for Internet only service? Would I need -- and have to pay -- for a second phone number?

I need Internet service restored ASAP, so a particularly complete, useful, and informative reply would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!




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  • Hi Richard,

     We wouldn't be the best solution for replacing your DSL. We don't have any internet-specific plans at the moment so you would be looking at our pay for what you use rates which would be really expensive with a large amount of data. You would also need a second line which you would pay for and then you would need to find an old phone that is capable of being a hotspot to connect you to the network. All these costs would add up fast. 

     There are boxes that will take a cell phone signal and convert it to RJ45 to feed into your network, but our plans make the data usage you’d probably incur way more expensive than DSL from AT&T. Even if you found a provider that could get you the amount you need at a good price, cell phone network ping times are usually terrible as a home internet replacement.

     As much as you dread getting the DSL fixed by AT&T it would probably be the best solution.

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