Voicemail download failed

I keep seeing this message on my phone lately. I don't think I ever got a message in my voicemail in the years I've had Ting so is this why? I just called my phone from a landline and left a message, but when I press the Voicemail button on my phone, it says You have no messages. Why can't I get my messages? 



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  • Hi Ati,

     Thanks for reaching out to us. From what you are describing there may be an issue with your voicemail box that we would need some investigating of through the backend. We wouldn't be able to do this in an open forum here and would need you to reach out to our customer support team by phone, email or online chat. One of our representatives will be happy to take a look and get your voicemail working properly again. 

    If you need our contact information or want to start an online chat it can be found here.

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