WiFi calling Verizon

I just changed fro T-Mobile to Verizon on Ting.  I do not see an option for WiFi calling.  Is that possible?



  • WiFi Calling is not yet available for the V1 SIM card. We're hard at work getting it up and running, though. In the interim, you can still use the Hangouts trick to make outbound calls from your phone over WiFi.

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  • Thanks.  Looking forward to it.  I switched from T-Mobile to V for the better coverage.  I still weak signal in my house and now I don't have the benefit of WiFi, so I expect to drop calls.

    I call them back on Hangouts, but that is inconvenient and they sometimes do not pick up the 'strange number'. 

    It would be nice if Ting had a way to notify us of when WiFi calling on V is available.

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  • If you read through that blog post, you can see that you can outbound call on Hangouts using your actual Ting number, meaning it'll come from you! If you don't activate that feature, it'll come from a random number. 

    And we're excited enough that we'll likely post on our subreddit about it when it launches. Keep an eye on ting.reddit.com or ting.com/blog for information surrounding WiFi Calling on V1.

    We're working as hard as we can to get it launched, but it's not as simple as just flipping a switch -- there's a LOT of work that goes into making it work.

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  • I appreciate that there is a lot of work involved in switching over.  I am patient.

    I guess I need to get on reddit.

    I have spent a fair amount of time searching for how to set the 'outbound caller ID' on Hangouts for iOS and iPhone 7 and cannot seem to find a way to display anything other than my Google number.  Google offers no help, which is typical of their apps.  That is OK, I will continue to deal with that.

    Thanks for your help.  We love Ting and continue to promote you among our friends.

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