Still paying CA taxes
I've been living in OR for about a year now, my adress is updated, and I still see in my Ting bills that I'm paying California taxes. What's that about? It's literally pennies, but are there OR taxes I should be paying that I'm not being charged for?


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  • Hey Christine, 

    Without getting into account specifics, I can tell you that the bill we send you each month collects taxes based on the current Billing Address on your Ting account. If you're still getting CA taxes, it probably means you still have a CA address on file with us at Ting.

    Even if you update the address attached to the credit card on file used to pay your Ting account, that doesn't update our records -- just the ones for your credit card. We don't have the technology yet to get an update from your bank when those details change, so we keep exactly the last thing you told us was your Billing Address until you tell us differently.

    Send an email to with the new address and we'll get that updated for you. Once that's updated, you'll only be taxed based on your Billing Address on file.

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