Ting TV with Apple TV

I'm assuming that Apple TV will have a Ting TV App (even though the current website only mentions Fire TV). If you do pursue the Apple TV route I really hope you look into doing something like this with the remote. Salt is a Swiss telecom company that worked with Apple to create a remote that works with the Apple TV as an alternative to the traditional Siri Remote.

There's currently no remotes on the market that do something like this and I would be cool to see you guys go this route. Definitely a huge desire for something like this b/c older people (my parents) really struggle to use the Siri Remote.



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  • Hi there Max!

    Right now we don't support Apple TV (it is not one of the apps we're currently building for, for our Ting TV product), but we really like what Salt are doing. Maybe in the future, though :)

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