this is a dishonest company

This is a dishonest company with no respect for their word or their customers. Do not use their services.

We called to have Ting Internet installed about a month before we were going to move into a new house. They came by to do a pre-installation check and told us that the full installation would be done on June 25. On June 25 we called and found out that they had forgotten to schedule the installation. The original technician acknowledged his mistake and apologized.  This is annoying, but mistakes happen. No big deal. An honest company works to fix their mistakes. Instead, we got transferred to the manager, Ann Howard, who just gave us a big steaming pile of bullshit. She refused to acknowledge that any mistake had been made on their end, although their tech had already admitted it. She kept acting like she was doing us a huge favor for scheduling us on the next available date, which was ten days away.  She offered nothing to fix the problem that they themselves had created.

I work from home, and rely on internet. I can't take ten days off from work. I can't go work from a coffee shop during the pandemic. I don't know what I'm going to do. They screwed up, they lied about it, they did nothing to fix it, and they left us in a really bad place.

One more thing -- I asked to speak to Ann Howard's manager, Michelle Maybe. Ann got her on the phone and instead of helping solve the problem, she told Ann that she was "on vacation" (this was Friday afternoon) and didn't want to deal with it.  Thanks a lot, Ting.



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    Sorry for the confusion around your installation date. Glad we were able to get you connected and hope you’re enjoying your fiber connection.

    While we did receive your call on June 8, the appointment we made was for a “pre-field,” not an installation. In a pre-field, our team comes out to your property to identify where we should bring the fiber up from the street to the side of your home. The pre-field appointment we set was for June 18. Our next step is to bring the fiber to your home which is completed before we call you to schedule your installation. The process to run the fiber can take up to 10 business days to complete.

    At Ting we’re always looking for ways to make our processes and our communications clearer. We’ve uncovered some learning opportunities for our team to ensure this is better communicated in the future, so thank you for your feedback.

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  • See, this is exactly the kind of dishonesty that I am talking about -- fake-polite business speak that denies responsibility for any error other than poor communication. On June 18, we had our "pre-field" and the technician told us we were scheduled us for the install on June 25. He forgot to schedule it in the work calendar. He admitted to us later that he forgot to schedule it, and apologized. Again, no big deal, as long as you acknowledge the mistake and try to fix it!  We finally got it installed yesterday only because I called again, got a nice person on the phone who advocated for us, and it was literally done within an hour. 

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  • Just to clarify -- Ann offered us an installation appointment which was 10 days away from the date that they had promised us it would be installled, not 10 days from the pre-field appointment. 

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