Correct porting information from Spectrum to Ting

I just finished transferring my phone service from Spectrum landline to Ting mobile, and wanted to suggest you correct your 'Carrier Porting Information' page.

On that page (at ) you say (for Spectrum) "PIN number: Use your zip code. Although Spectrum does not require a pin, if there is an error, you may need to have Ting call for a manual release."

This is actually not correct. I tried it and got the response "We've heard back from your previous carrier, and they've advised us that they're not prepared to release the mobile number ... The reason they've given us for refusing the transfer is: The information submitted does not match the information in their records."

I then looked on Spectrum's website, on their 'Previous Carrier Information' page (at ) and they list their own company, and say the 'Account Pin' is the four-digit 'Security Code'.

Using that Security Code I was able to to successfully transfer my phone to Ting, though I had to then call Spectrum and specifically ask to cancel my phone service as well.

In any case, I just think it would be helpful to update your Carrier Porting Information page to reflect that Spectrum Voice customers should use their Security Code as the Port Out Pin number.



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  • Hey Jamie,

    Thanks so much for the information! I've gone ahead and updated our carrier porting information guide to account for the change and I really appreciate (as will any one else porting in from Spectrum!) that you took the time to detail the process and help us provide the correct information.

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