Family Plan - request.

Lea Douville

Hi there friends at Ting. 

It'd be so great if those of us who have multiples lines w/ Ting don't have to use minutes to make calls between those lines - akin to a Family Plan.

Thanks for your consideration!


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    Mitch S

    Hi Lea!

    We've discussed this a few times in the Ting user forums as well as on various other sites and internally quite a bit. Where we landed is that this doesn't really make sense for how Ting Mobile is supposed to work -- usually when companies give you those kinds of freebies, it's because they don't charge themselves a network connection. 

    Because Ting Mobile is an MVNO, we DO pay for each and every minute on the network, regardless of who's on the same Ting Mobile account. We simply can't afford to just not charge users for minutes when we're paying for each one.

    But we've got some changes coming that are likely to be a great surprise to you, so stay tuned!


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