Contract conciliation. Draining accounts without authorization is ripping clients off, making unauthorized withdrawals from accounts that was suppose to have been canceled, but due to some employees negligence they keep accounts open know the sim card isn't in use so they can rob you.


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  • Hey Kenneth,

    We're sorry you feel that way but a quick review of your support interactions today show that you were charged as you were meant to be based on your usage and our Ting rates. In fact, you can log into your Ting account anytime and see your usage and how it reflects on your billing totals; all of your minutes/messages/megabytes are listed in the billing history for each period (click on any of the bills/PDFs and then on any of minutes/messages/megabytes to see the breakdown) and your current usage will of course list any and all billable usage during the current cycle (also divided by minutes/messages/megabytes).

    Its also worth noting that once a card is added to a Ting account we are authorized to use it to collect payment for bills and will do so until such a time as the account is cancelled and the final bill is paid, as we are a post-paid service the final bill will of course then be after service is cancelled. That said we're a pretty understanding bunch so if a number is expired or ported out a day or two into a cycle we are happy to credit for those costs as we understand that it can be difficult to stay on top of everything.

    As far as cancelling the account goes this is as easy as reaching out to support for help or conversely you can expire your number(s) anytime from your account in device settings, expiring all of the lines on an account will result in its cancellation. Once an account is cancelled there will just be a final bill for the current cycle, ie the line fee plus any usage incurred during that last cycle. For anyone that wanted to move their number to another provider it would be as easy as following our porting out of Ting guide and generally will not take longer than a few hours (24 hours for wireless numbers is standard but landlines/VoIP lines do require 5-7 days)

    All in all we do apologize for the misunderstanding and hope things are clearer now that you've followed up with support and we've provided detailed explanations as to how and why you were charged and how our billing/cancellation systems work. We understand that you've cancelled your account for now but you're always welcome back if things change down the line, we'd be happy to get the chance to work for you again.





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