Two Ting LTE phones but only got coverage in Angel Fire NM

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Recently traveled to Angel Fire, NM. Wife and I both have Ting service on the same plan. Wife's phone had Ting coverage but my phone could only get Verizon roaming coverage. Ting coverage map shows LTE coverage in this area (zip code 87710).

Question: Why couldn't my newer all-mode phone get Ting coverage while my wife's older (LTE/WCDMA) phone got perfect Ting coverage?

Other details:

My phone: Moto G Stylus purchased from Ting in August 2020

Wife's phone: Moto X purchased in 2017 originally on AT&T but has been on Ting for last 4 years or so.

I tried scanning for available cell networks on my Moto G and saw several strong signals from multiple carriers but no Ting. Did the same on wife's phone. Again saw several strong signals but this time including a strong signal from Ting. Based on signal strength I don't think the issue is due to sensitivity of Moto G.




  • Hi Mark,

    It sounds like your two phones were each using a different Ting SIM card as that would account for the difference in coverage given our V1/X1/X3 and Sprint SIMs all use different network towers to connect. It's also possible the devices each have compatibility with different LTE bands but with your device being newer it is extremely unlikely it would be missing bands the older phone had.

    If you'd like me to take a closer look just reply here and I'll email you so we can talk account specifics and get to the bottom of this, I'd be happy to help dig deeper.

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  • Thanks for your reply. I would like your help to dig deeper at least to determine what bands my SIM is configured for and how that might limit my coverage in the US.

    From what I can find online, both of our two phones' hardware support LTE bands 1-5, 7,8, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, and 41. My Moto G stylus hardware supports a few additional LTE bands that are not included in my wife's Moto G4.

    Also found online, in the area where I noticed the problem only T-Mobile and AT&T have towers and that both of these operate on LTE bands 2 and 12. . From my understanding our phones need to connect to T-Mobile for service. So it would seem that if my SIM does not enable bands 2 or 12 then I might be unable to get service.

    Please email me so I can provide any additional information that you may need to dig deeper. Thanks.


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