How do I look up data usage from prior billing cycles?

Is this feature turned off now? I'm need to see whose phone has the runaway data, but I can't see who it was. Thanks.



  • Hi Rex, 

     Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums. We currently do not have the billed usage broken down by phone numbers in the billing history pdf's on the Ting Mobile My Accounts but it is something that is being looked into. 

     If you reach out to our customer support team we can send a CSV file that has the breakdowns of previous bills as an alternative for now. 

  • I just requested a CSV file and was told this is not an option. I do not understand why you cannot share the data for past months when clearly it exists since we can see it for the current billing cycle. It is a serious issue as a customer that I cannot see past data usage. I need to determine why I have a spike in usage and I simply cannot do that if you do not provide the data. Please help. 

  • Hi Amy,

    Currently the detailed breakdown/CSV features are available only for the current billing cycle. Apologies for any difficulty with support but they can indeed provide a CSV for you if you reach out as well as help investigate what could be responsible for that spike in usage.




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