how to force phone to use Verizon network

I live in an area with very limited cell coverage. Where there is coverage, the network is Verizon. Is there any way to make my phone use the Verizon network when it is available? There have been times when I am literally looking at a tower and I have no bars. It seems other people have good coverage (voice and data) in places where I cannot get coverage or can only get weak coverage. 



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  • Hi Joe,

     A network connection is based on a SIM card in the phone so there isn't a way to force yourself on a different network at different times. We do offer domestic roaming when available for our GSM network on the AT&T network but we would need to check to see what's available in the area that you are in. 

     It would be best to reach out to our live customer support by phone or online chat so that we can get into the specifics of what is going on and how we can help improve your coverage. 

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