Add a Line to $6 Plan

1. How do I add a line to the $6 legacy plan? We have two moto g6 phones now (from ting with LTE Sims) and want to add another phone to our account.

2. Is having a Google account necessary to activate the phone? This will be primarily used for making calls, texting with the Signal app and photos. I would also need to port in a new telephone number.

3. What network bands does ting support so I can find a compatible phone?



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  • Hi Steve,

     Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums. To answer your questions:

    1. You can add a line through your Ting My Account in the Device Settings tab. There's an add a line button in the top right-hand corner. If you run into any problems, our customer support would be happy to help as well. 

    2. I believe on most Androids you can skip adding a Goolge Account to the phone. You won't have anything backed up if something happens to the phone and downloading apps will be an issue on the Google Playstore. You may want to check out this article about using an Android without Google, it gives a sort of walk-through of the situations. Porting a number in would be fine. 

    3. We work off bands 2,4,12 but the phone will also need to have VoLTE to be able to activate on the network. 

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