Disabling Google Voice PLEASE

Ken Vatter

I had a perfectly functioning phone but had to purchase a new phone to maintain service.  I opted for the Motorola Moto e phone.  I don't like it but I'm stuck with it.  My question:  How do I disable the Google voice feature.  I can't get a keypad on this thing to appear.  As soon as I put the cursor in the search space in Chrome, the Voice box pops up and can't be eliminated.  I've gone through settings and don't see anywhere to disable it.  What's the secret?  I haven't got the phone activated yet but if this is also the case with text, my car tire will disable Google voice permanently.



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    Bryce W

    Hi Ken,

     I believe the steps to turn off the Google Voice Assistant on the browser is as follows:

    -Click on the Google App

    - Tap More in the bottom right-hand corner

    -Select Settings

    -Select Google Assistant

    -Scroll down and select General 

    -This should bring you to the screen with "Google Assistant" and you'll just want to switch this off. 

    I hope this helps!

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    Ken Vatter

    This is the phone from hell and Google is its master.  It doesn't work because I need to sign in to Google to access the Google assistant and it won't provide a keyboard to do this.  Only the Voice box.   And it can't get my name right.  Then when I close out everything back to the home screen, the Voice box remains.  The only way to eliminate the box is to restart.  


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