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     Ever since we switched to the new X3 SIM chips on our two Ting-connected phones (Moto x4 & Moto E), our coverage, or signal strength, has been extremely erratic, and pretty nearly unworkable: unreliable, unstable, unpredictable, changeable, the signal-strength indicator endlessly fluctuating from one minute to the next, from one step to the next as we move about, showing full strength perhaps once or twice a day for a minute or two, but most often haphazardly showing "bars" from tiny-to-partial-to-empty and all states in between, and with a parade of changing alphabetical letters perched next to the signal-strength icon (T, H, E, R and X), sometimes showing also a "Ting" or an "LTE" or a "No service" or an "Emergency calls only" or a "Roaming" alert as well. Texts are often (though not always) slow to send and/or receive, sometimes showing up a half day or more late; occasionally they are a complete no-show. I have spoken with a Ting customer service rep who helped me alter various settings, enter different APN metrics, try Wi-Fi on/off, try roaming on/off, re-boot, re-set, re-install, what-have-you. But none of these fixes made a particle of difference. Also, it must be noted that before we changed to the new SIM chips, our signal strength was much more stable, service was much more reliable, and our phones were much more workable.
     I have two related questions pertaining to this newly worsened condition, and I would appreciate a thorough and honest answer to both. (1) Is there any truth to the rumor one sometimes hears that when cell tower traffic is busy, MVNO customers will be the first to get "bumped" or "throttled," and will consequently suffer deteriorated service, while genuine, full-blast customers of the big three (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile) will be prioritized and thus will not experience degraded service? (2) Whether or not that rumor is true, now that Ting and Sprint have shifted -- or are still in the process of shifting -- to using T-Mobile towers, in your expert opinion do you think I would get more reliable service, more stable signal strength, better coverage generally, if I switched from Ting to direct, full-blast (and fully paying) T-Mobile service?
     I've been a happily satisfied Ting customer for eight years. I like everything about the company, and really don't want to switch carriers -- but as things stand now, our phones are just not workable, so I really need to have clear, straight answers from you. Thanks.




  • Hi Mark,

    Sorry to hear the coverage has not been great since moving to the new SIM. This can happen when changing networks and unfortunately with the Sprint network being decommissioned a network move was necessary.

    To answer your questions throttling is something MVNOs do but it's built into the contracts they sign with their network providers. Ting has no throttling with our network providers in our agreements and can provide the same speeds and coverage as they can for the most part (full disclosure: we do not currently offer 5G on the V1 SIM)

    The service would not be changed in moving to the network provider themselves as they would offer service on the same bands we do and from the same towers. We do offer service across multiple networks still so I would suggest getting feedback in the area on which network is the best option and then reaching out to support to see if we can make that happen for you.

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  • I have had exactly the same problem with my wifes phone, and now mine.  I get constant changes in signal strength, randomly losing service completely for hours.  Sometimes I can toggle the phone into airplane mode and back again and service works again, other times not.  My X1 service was fine, no real issues.  Something about the X3 sims has ruined my phone experience.  I hate the X3 transition.

    My wife solved the problem by leaving Ting and getting a TMobile phone and plan.  I don't want to have to do the same.

    I also wasn't real pleased that when I switched to X3, it reset all my phone preferences, activating the voicemail that I had disabled (I never use it, and it only gets loaded up with messages from spammers, which I then have to pay $3 to call and delete them).  I now have an persistent notification that I have one voicemail and I cannot get rid of it.


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